RF Safe Urges Consumers to Avoid Detachable Cases with 5G Phones

As 5G networks continue to expand around the world, concerns about the potential health effects of radiation from cell phones have increased. Recently, RF Safe, a leading provider of radiation safety accessories, issued a consumer alert regarding detachable cell phone cases and their potential impact on 5G radiation exposure.

The issue with detachable cases is that they can cause interference with the 5G signal, which can lead to increased radiation exposure. This is because 5G networks use shorter wavelengths that are much easier to impede than the longer wavelengths used in previous generations of wireless technologies. This makes it critical that the phone is not obstructed in any way, as even a small amount of interference can lead to significant decreases in signal strength and quality.

Detachable phone cases, which are marketed as a convenient and easy way to protect your phone while also allowing you to switch up your style, may seem like a harmless accessory. However, as the phone struggles to maintain a connection to the 5G network, it may increase the power of its signal, which can lead to higher levels of radiation being emitted. RF Safe recommends that consumers avoid using detachable phone cases with 5G devices, and instead opt for cases that are specifically designed to work with these newer technologies.

RF Safe’s warning comes at a time when concerns over 5G radiation are on the rise. While the long-term effects of 5G radiation are still largely unknown, there is growing concern about the potential risks. As more and more people begin to use 5G devices, it is important to take steps to minimize your exposure to this type of radiation.

In addition to using the right type of case, RF Safe also recommends other measures to reduce your exposure to 5G radiation. These include keeping your phone away from your body as much as possible, using a hands-free device, and limiting the amount of time you spend on your phone.

But why are detachable cases more of a concern than other types of phone cases? The issue lies in the fact that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires phone manufacturers to conduct government-required certification tests using a bare phone, set to transmit at maximum power, with no accessories. The recorded maximum SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is reported to the FCC and listed in the phone’s manual. A phone tested with accessories under the same conditions can produce a higher SAR because the materials surrounding the antenna can affect the amount of radiation that reaches and is absorbed by the user’s body. A detachable case can influence both the overall amount of emitted radiation and how it is directed.

Detachable cases marketed as anti-radiation and EMF (electromagnetic field) blocking are of particular concern, as they may give users a false sense of security. The FCC has warned that such cases can actually block the antenna, causing the phone to work harder to transmit its signal, and potentially increasing radiation exposure.

The best course of action for consumers is to do their research and find phone cases that are designed to work with 5G technologies, and are made of materials that do not interfere with the 5G signal. By following the recommendations of experts like RF Safe, consumers can help protect themselves and their loved ones from the potential risks of 5G radiation.

In conclusion, while detachable phone cases may seem like a harmless accessory, they can have a significant impact on your exposure to 5G radiation. By using the right type of case and following other recommended measures to reduce your exposure, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. As the rollout of 5G networks continues around the world, it’s important to stay informed and take steps to minimize your risk.

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