The Importance of Considering Dielectric Properties in SAR Calculations for Children

The University of Florida newborn model provides valuable insights into the effects of dielectric properties and resolution on the calculation of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in newborns. It is important to consider the appropriate dielectric properties for a newborn child, as they can result in a higher SAR value compared to adult properties. The choice of resolution is also crucial, as the size of the grid step-length should be less than λ/10 to obtain an adequate sampling of the waveform. The algorithms used to calculate SAR in a voxel can also affect the final result, with the approach of calculating the maximum absolute value of the electric field components leading to a conservative estimate.

The study also highlights the limitations of the current International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) reference level, which does not provide a conservative estimate of the whole-body averaged SAR restriction at 250 MHz and is breached in the frequency range of 700 to 2450 MHz by all of the irradiation geometries. Revised reference levels of 23 V/m up to 400 MHz and 50 V/m over 2000 MHz are suggested to provide a conservative envelope. The SAR values can be averaged over a 6-minute period, however, the results suggest that time-averaging may not alleviate the problem of the reference level being breached for all the irradiation geometries.

It is clear that further research is necessary in this area to ensure the safe use of mobile phones, especially for newborns and children who are more vulnerable to radiation exposure.

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